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Elaria Pokémon Tournament - December 2019
Rotom's Quest - November 2019
Giveaway for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Players
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Version 2.0.2 - November 11, 2019
Version 2.0.0 "Azumao" - September 22, 2019
Generation IV - Changes to Shop and Pokémon - September 22, 2019
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Requesting a refund Article rated 4.0/5.0
If you purchased an item by mistake, you can request a refund, as long as it remains exceptional. Please note however that Black Cards cannot be refunded. If you want a refund for an item you bought w...
Lag and capture misattribution Article not rated yet
As multiple people send messages in a short amount of time, Discord can sometimes mix up the order in which they were sent. This can lead to situations like this: Tilia: A wild Pokémon has appeared!Yo...
Premium Status Article rated 3.0/5.0
What is Premium? Premium is a temporary status (similar to a subscription) that unlocks a few advantages in the game (listed below). It is obtained by redeeming Star Chips that can be obtained through...
Commands and Where to Use Them Article not rated yet
Introduction In the following list, commands are presented as follows: command <required parameter> [optional parameter = default value] All commands can be used in the #tilia-commands channel, ...
Referral system rewards Article rated 5.0/5.0
Players Referred: 4Reward: Small Corda Balls Pack Players Referred: 8Reward: Premium (30 Days) Players Referred: 12Reward: Big Corda Balls Pack Players Referred: 16Reward: Premium (90 Days) Players Re...
Notes on Generation IV Evolutions Article not rated yet
Burmy, Wormadam and Mothim Burmy evolves into Wormadam or Mothim randomly.When Mothim's evolution is reverted, its original form is retained.A Mothim whose evolution has been reverted is a Burmy, and ...
New Generation Reset Article not rated yet
When a new Generation of Pokémon gets released in the game, a "reset" happens. Here's a list of everything those "resets" affect. Please note that any Pokémon caught during a Generation is considered ...
Letter from Saphir - November 16th, 2019 Article rated 5.0/5.0
Fae City, ElariaNovember 16th, 2019 Dear Trainers, For one year now you've been walking in the tall grass patches of Elaria in hope to discover new Pokémon, or forms that had never been seen before. F...

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